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Who We Are

VFx Studios is one of Texas’s first LED volume virtual production studios. Located in the heart of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, our staff is always on the cutting edge of virtual production technology and techniques as we create content and offer virtual production services to the industry.

Brian J. Macauto

EVP & Director of Virtual Photography

Brian J. Macauto boasts over 25 years in the Pro AV industry, with notable roles at disguise, Evolve Technology, Absen, and Christie Digital. As Director of Virtual Production for Evolve Technology and Absen, he spearheaded the design and implementation of cutting-edge virtual production studios, elevating storytelling through immersive environments. His recent work on Netflix’s “White Noise” showcased his expertise as LED supervisor, Virtual Production Pixel Mapper, and Image Based Lighting Coordinator.

With a mechanical engineering background from the University of Massachusetts, Brian blends technical prowess with creative insight. Passionate about pushing the boundaries of AV technology, he’s thrilled to contribute to the ongoing revolution in moviemaking through virtual production.

Gülnigar Ralph-Nurhikim

Director of Virtual Production

Gülnigar, an MFA graduate in Film and TV Production from the prestigious University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts, boasts an impressive career in virtual production. With roles at Industrial Light & Magic, BrandStar Studios, Mediapro US, Hewlett-Packard, and HBO Max, she has served as a Technical Director on large-scale LED volumes for renowned productions like the Star Wars series. Proficient in a myriad of virtual production tools including Unreal Engine, media servers, live-action cinematography etc., Gülnigar’s expertise spans across various software and hardware systems. Her contributions have been integral to films premiering at prestigious festivals globally, with two earning Academy Awards Qualifying status.

Studio & Technology

Our new 14,000 sq ft facility offers in-camera visual effects, or ICVFX, production services using a large LED volume, the cutting-edge technology used in recent shows such as The Mandalorian and House of the Dragon. The facility includes an 8,000 sq ft studio space with a 38 ft x 16 ft 1.2mm pixel pitch LED wall and a 40 ft x 16 ft green screen cyc wall. VFx Studios offers ICVFX and green screen productions combined with full-service post-production and training in all aspects of the virtual output.

Studio Features

14,000 SQ FT
8,000 SQ FT
Studio Space

Sound Stages

Technology Specs

38′ X 16′
LED Volume

Pixel Pitch

40′ x 16′
Green Screen CYC Wall

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Our Process

1 Project Discovery

We work with you one-on-one to understand what you would like to accomplish in our studio, and we use our experience, knowledge, and resourcefulness to make it all come together at a price that fits your budget. Understanding the techniques used in virtual production is critical to a smooth experience between the studio and the client. We have the knowledge, passion, and expertise to make your content creation dreams come true.
As a full-service studio, we also offer content creation. We seamlessly work with your team if they know exactly what they want to see for dynamic content or 2D plate playback. If your group doesn’t already have their content created, our team is excited to step in and help you create dynamic real-time rendered content and 2D or 2.5D plates. We have a pre-production workflow to fit your budget; the key to a good experience with pre-production is rock-solid communication and old-school resourcefulness to use all the tools at our disposal to create your vision while maintaining your project budget.
Our green-screen studio, as well as our LED Volume, can support several different markets. We have cutting-edge technology and industry-proven solutions to make your vision look like reality, even when filming inside a soundstage. We offer an 8K LED volume that has all the bells and whistles: Top-of-the-line camera tracking, industry-leading LED processing, a multitude of different camera options, dynamic lighting, and some home-grow special sauce that makes us different from the competition.
We are happy to hand you all the raw footage if you like, or we offer complete video editing, color correction, and color grading on-site to create a finished product. Offering the full solution, from initial consultation to final color grading and edits, makes filming a project at VFx Studios turn-key. We have a fun working environment that stimulates creativity and makes our clients feel at home while shooting or planning.

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